I've been a Mac user since the early 90s, before the start of the internet as we know it. Some of you will remember Mosaic; the first graphical browser. Before that, browsing was text only; no clutter and certainly no spam or pop-ups. Then in the late 90s I started working on my own machine; which led to a job and the rest is history.

That history includes: working while in college as an Apple Student Representative; playing with wireless and iMovie long before it became popular; worked in the college of Arts and Science and School of Fine Arts as a Student tech; moved up the ladder into the College of Education at the same university as a full time employee for 2 years where I oversaw five departments and managed two computer labs. Even teaching basic web design to pre-service teachers, so that they could build web portfolios.

The MacSavage serves both individuals and business in a variety of industries, such as law, creatives, medical and retail to name a few. Working with such a wide cross section of people and industries has helped to broaden my knowledge base and help me to better serve all of my clients.

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