Some of what my clients are saying:
. . . Kirk Slowe has worked for me for about a year. During this time, we have worked together on several software projects and many hardware/software upgrades. Kirk is very knowledgeable about computers as he tutors both my husband (age 71) with his PC issues and me with my Macintosh issues. My husband is in the securities and investment business and needs immediate quotes on stocks to inform his clients about the market in a timely manner. When his programs failed him, Kirk readily restored them. Kirk is a low-key, patient, and kind instructor. With my publishing business I need information to keep my writing simple and efficient. Kirk helps me do that. . . .
Dr. P. D. Sargent

. . . My wife and I had struggled with our son’s PC for many months and were at the point where we could turn the machine on. Then we got a Mac and the Apple Store gave us Kirk’s name. He set up the computer and has been an excellent teacher, patient beyond belief. Nothing was too much of a challenge and he was able to go over and over things as many times as we needed. His instructions are very clear. He encouraged us to write things down. Sometimes we had to call him with a quick question. He was very gracious. . . .
M. Neil Redford and Robinette Bell

. . . I’m a professional writer/musician with irreplaceable files on my Macintosh, which recently began to crash. Luckily, I had heard Kirk’s name at the Apple Store. He came very quickly, saved my files and applications, and replaced the hard drive. Kirk is a good man to know.< br/> Dr. D. P. Garber